Endorphins Lost / DeathgraVe split 7"

by DeathgraVe

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Recorded by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios July 2015.
Released on Rotten To The Core Records, August 2016.
Art by Max Rain.


released August 1, 2016



all rights reserved


DeathgraVe San Jose, California

Medic, a crude and absurd form of hell has entered our realm and calls itself DeathgraVe... Pass the scalpel, we must stop this thing!

Andre - vocals
Fern - bass
Greg - guitar
Matt - drums


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Track Name: Face Forager
Slam a greasy sandwich into your flabby jaw
I'm lurking in the corner drooling in awe
Wipe my hands across your face
Lick my fingers clean
Blow your runny nose
Throw it in the basket
Mucus covered tissue
Cannot wait to grasp it
Rummage through this treasure trove
Find golden Q-tips 3 weeks old
Glistening with wax
I often dine off the floor and from the trash
For dessert I've found a bitten cupcake sprinkled with broken glass
Track Name: Vermin Town
step into your shitty house
spy a dead decaying mouse
feasted on by cockroach friends
and other verminous denizens
walls are lined with cracks and slits
lacquered with human shit
maggots swarm the vile mess
portraits of rottenness
palace of pestilence
your house keepers death sentence
decor of putrescence
the floors are covered with scum
in this nasty slum
Track Name: Carcass Stew
welcome to this private room
the table is set for two
although you are the guest tonight,
you are also in the stew.
relax and enjoy a glass of wine
while I place this cleaver in your spine
chop you up piece by piece
into cubes of human meat
now I've got you sliced and diced
awaiting of the slab
before I throw you in the pot,
I'll top it off with scabs.
ingredients are coming to a simmer
salivate anticipating dinner
fresh potatoes succulent meats
homicidal delicacies